Congrats you’ve developed a great app with your unique idea that will certainly attract plenty of users. What’s the next step?

How are you planning on getting customers to download your app?

This is where mobile app branding comes into play.

By definition, branding is a set of marketing and psychological techniques to promote a product, service, or persona.

Customer focus is needed in brand building to succeed in the market. In order to get user attention, an app has to be consistent with consumers expectations and deliver an excellent user experience. Here are a few tips for branding your app successfully.

Keep Users in Mind

Your priority is the consumer, it’s important that your app is fun but also useful to the user. App users are the key and nothing else. Consider that you are developing an app for the user and not yourself. The fact of the matter is that it’s not about what you like, but what your target customers needs. Research your target audience find out what they’re looking for and create a brand that complies with their demands.

Study the Competition

Look for apps that will be your competitors, take note of their good and bad features. Even if you have a unique idea are someone has already thought of it. Research those apps and find out what made them a success and where they failed. Make sure you create a different app that offers a new twist and not build a brand similar to your competition.

Don't Be Ordinary

A Mobile app's brand can only survive if it can engage the user and at the same time be usable and consistent with their products promises. When your offering something unique with your app, it should be shown in the design too. Hire a skilled designer to get some appealing and fresh creatives. Remember users are more welcoming to new ideas so don't be scared to experiment.

The App Icon

Using your business logo as the app icon is a common mistake for the company's developing their app. An app icon is created specifically for any resolution, while a logo can be customized to fit any shape or dimension. Avoid using common images to depict your apps like a light bulb, brush, camera, and gears. Spend some time on the drawing board with your designer. Think of a design that will separate you from your competitors.

Go Slow

Never pressure your designer to create a design fast, go slow and focus on every detail of the app development process. Each step of the process is too important to be rushed or skipped. Give your design process enough time and effort or else your app may fail. Doing things properly now will save you time and headache in the long run.

First Impression Do Matter

It's a fact that users will judge your app by its cover or its front page. The very first thing a user will see when they start the app is the splash screen. It's recommended to design an excellent outward appearance for your mobile app. A splash screen is beneficial to instantly tell users what your app is about and convince them to use it.

Simple is Beautiful

Keeping it simple is the best way to create a user-friendly app. A new app idea is usually complex and confusing. When planning a new mobile app the first thing you should do is adjust the idea in a simple yet unforgettable design.

App Check 1.2.3

Test your mobile app thoroughly before submitting it to the app store. An app that crashes or freezes could be disastrous for your brand image.

Market Traction

Marketing is an essential part of branding your mobile app. Set a marketing support plan in motion to get the app into the market. Without a marketing plan, an application is sure to flop.

Make it Shareable

Have your users refer your app to their friends. This will allow you to stay in peoples mind and help your app get higher ratings. The more attention your app gets the more popular it will be and win the market.

Give Updates

Keep your mobile app fresh in the eyes of the users by giving updates. Frequent updates will help your app branding. For that reason, you should constantly add functionalities to it when possible.

Using these app branding strategies would improve the adaptability and user-friendliness of your app to create better brand awareness with your target audience.


Written by: RL.juarez