Buttons are essential to any application or web site's usability, navigation, and user experience. Designing buttons are more complex than what most people think designers need to do research, inspection, and analysis. Call To Action buttons or CTA is an interactive element of an interface both in web and mobile. Its function is to convince people to take certain actions that present conversion to a particular page like a purchase or subscribe.

CTA buttons are noticeable they are usually designed in bold letters containing microcopy which encourages people to click it. Lead generation and sales are the basic goals which CTA is made for. But what makes CTA buttons stand out? Here are a few pointers for creating a surefire CTA button.

Make Your Fonts Big

Size help divides UI components according to their importance. The bigger the button is the more noticeable it becomes. Reading text easily is what matters it can lead to conversions and sales. If visitors or app users can’t read the button they won’t trouble themselves to figure it out instead they will leave.

Color is Important

Our brain reacts to color and shape although we don’t often notice it. When we see color it connects with our mind and gives a signal to the endocrine system releasing hormones that shifts our mood and emotions. Red and orange are colors you’d like to remember because they represent passion and vitality. Red is often used in clearance sale because it raises heart rate and sense of urgency. Orange, on the other hand, is a bit more aggressive which is why it's commonly used in CTA’s.

Mind the Placement

Above the fold, placement is anything on the screen that users can see when they visit a page without scrolling. Studies show that placing a button above the fold results to better conversion. CTA placement is important for its capability. When users can’t see your CTA because its located in an area their eyes can't catch it won’t work efficiently.


A copy plays an important role in the performance of a CTA. It is a small component of text which serve as hints for users. Microcopy includes words for buttons and menu, error messages, terms, and conditions, as well as for instructions on app usage. CTA tells users what action to take if they click the button. A powerful microcopy is short and consistent that quickly catches users attention.

Lower Commitment

Some buttons imply big commitments others not so much and it triggers different emotions. Shop now sounds like users can browse through a catalog. Buy now is more like they need to break the piggy bank. If the button translates to visitors spending time or money they may not click on it. Instead, buttons that say “Start testing” and “Read overview” has a more chance of getting clicked.

Call to action buttons are designed for users to do something for your benefit. A CTA is a powerful sales tool in e-commerce and a good influential factor for page conversion. Designers must pay attention to details that make an impact on a website or applications performance.


Written by: RL.juarez