Mobile app social reviews are really important in convincing users to install applications to their phones. Sadly fake and misleading reviews can ruin users trust. Using social proof within your product pages is a strong idea to build lasting trust with consumers. Customers want to hear from others they don’t want to be alone downloading your app.

Guide your customer into making a decision by reassuring them. Improve your app download by tapping into the customer's psychology with this few simple tips.

App Reviews

Have people you know like friends and family to download and rate your app. Commit to providing customer value. Think of users that give bad reviews your most important customer.


Testimonials have been used for a long time and still works up to this day. Words from customers have great value than advertising. Get your users to share their experience about using your app. Testimonials validate that your app works.

Logos and Icons

A huge social proof comes from using logos of known companies on your landing page. Showcase your client's logo who bought your app if its B2B. You can also use media publication logos that wrote about your mobile application. If your starting out and don’t have any logos to show as an alternative you may display logos that your product is connected to. Example Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail among others.

The App Icon

Using your business logo as the app icon is a common mistake for the company's developing their app. An app icon is created specifically for any resolution, while a logo can be customized to fit any shape or dimension. Avoid using common images to depict your apps like a light bulb, brush, camera, and gears. Spend some time on the drawing board with your designer. Think of a design that will separate you from your competitors.


When you attain a credible number of users who downloaded your app show it on your landing page. You can also utilize Facebook and Twitter API that can showcase the number of fans or followers your company and product has.

Cases Study

Case studies make it easier for your potential customers to see the benefit of your mobile app by showing details on how your product makes a difference in their life or business. Case studies commonly present how the app solves a specific problem a user encounters and help them achieve their goals.

Adding these endorsements on all your customer touchpoint could give you an opportunity to converts potential customers to be actual app users. Adopting these five tenets may not be easy but it will pave the way for a long term reward.


Written by: RL.juarez