In terms of technological advancements, it turns out 2018 had a lot of great releases and it seems that these advancements are not slowing down in 2019. Recent years show that mobile apps have been changing lives constantly. In fact, experts say app development is one of the fastest-growing industry today and won’t change for the coming years.

Due to its popularity and usefulness mobile apps are becoming a great opportunity for business owners, entrepreneurs, and enterprises. But app design and development is constantly changing and you must follow the latest trend if you want to succeed. So being in the know of what’s up and coming is a great advantage.

We took some time to do a little research on what would be the trends in mobile application development this year. Check our list below:

IoT Internet of Things

Simply speaking IoT is a system of connected devices, mechanical, and digital machines that can transfer data to a network without person to person or person to computer interaction. It certainly became a booming feature for electronic devices and appliances from smart TVs, Watches. refrigerators, and even light bulbs. Last 2018 came IoT objects that were beyond our imagination like a talking toilet and robotic pillows.

This devices often include a mobile app to connect users to the device and allow them to control it remotely. This offers the convenience of managing your home with just a few taps on your smartphone.


If you are into investing and cryptocurrency chances are you've heard of blockchain the technology behind bitcoin. By definition, blockchain is a time-stamped series of an immutable record of data, managed by a cluster of computers not owned by any single entity. Allowing digital information to be distributed but not copied, blockchain creates the backbone of a new kind of internet.

With blockchain technology, we are able to build decentralized mobile apps. This is an application that is not owned by anyone, impossible to shut down, and does not have any downtime. This technology can be adapted to data storage, real estate, financial transactions and many more to be explored.

Wearable Apps

Theirs a rapid growth in the market for wearable devices this year. According to Statista, these devices could reach a sale of over $33Billion by the end of 2019. Wearable apps have been adapted to medicine for getting vitals like heart rate and blood sugar. These devices enhance the wearer's style and personality. For this reason, we think there will be more apps that will be introduced specifically for smartwatches. This device could have the same potential we are seeing with smartphones.


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will only get bigger in 2019 for its elegance and unique experience that let the user be interactive with an application. Large corporations have started piling money for investment in what they call “beyond the screen” technology.

If you think AR and VR are just for gaming you are dead wrong, sources say Google and Apple are working on innovating technologies with the use of AR and VR expected demos to be released soon. An example of a non-game application of AR is Snapchat’s filters which change users face into funny characters. We can also see AR and VR being applied to branding and marketing in the future.

Instant Apps

This new type of app allows users to access a cloud-based version of the app with their phone without installation. It looks and feels just like a regular app installed on your phone but you don’t really need to download anything. An instant app is a universal android solution that has the speed and power of a native app with the ease of a web app. The experience is similar to browsing a web page when you close the app it disappears.

Limited spacing is not an issue with Instant Apps, mobile users won’t have to worry about their phone storage getting full. With instant apps, companies can offer a demo of their product to early adopters before installing the full version.

Mobile Wallet and Payment Services

Online transactions have become somewhat of a norm nowadays and this gave rise to the demand for mobile wallets. This frictionless payment method has attracted many customers who like to shop using mobile apps. Users are on the lookout for app wallets that offer high-level security encryption and integrates payment gateways. With mobile wallets, users won’t be troubled visiting the bank to get money.

We’ve moved from cash to credit, debit, and now mobile and digital currencies. Banking platforms offer new product and services through mobile app development to better suit the needs of their clients. The growth of e-commerce will drive banks to make payment methods more convenient to improve service delivery.

Beacon Technology

Beacons are small transmitters that use low-energy Bluetooth to send signals to nearby smart devices. Beacon connects and transmits information to devices that make location-based searching and interaction easier and accurate. A beacon sends a code with a message to their mobile device.

Its the latest development in location technology and proximity marketing. This technology detects human presence nearby to deliver information. If combined with IoT it can help users receive notifications about sales and promos within the vicinity.

Enterprise Mobility Management

EMM are applications made to provide employees data they need to perform work-related tasks on mobile devices. The core goal of an EMM is to give insight through the application accessed by the employee's smart devices to limit potential risk and maintain corporate compliance. An EMM could help foster app security and management of finances among entrepreneurs.

It's obvious that 2019 is geared to have some major breakthroughs when it comes to mobile application development. Expect the rise of wearable and AR/VR apps. Aside from this, you will find enterprise mobility management making more impact.

The key is to stay updated with the latest trends as well as technology to keep up with the growing customer demand and competition. Smartphones are the future and these trends have the potential to captivate users across the globe for the next 3-4 years. It would be difficult to identify the benefits of these trends when applied to your business. You can reach out to us here at Direct Works Media we will work hard to make your idea stand out in the mobile app market.


Written by: RL.juarez