Your website visitors and mobile application users like getting a payoff for their efforts. Usually, we think providing them the product or service they need is their reward and it could be. But you can do better giving them emotional reward could work. Consumers can be good for business and employee morale. For that reason, they should be rewarded especially your most loyal and deserving customers.

Loyal customers help your company grow and succeed. Rewards can fit your budget and proven to be fruitful for many companies. When customers are rewarded for their courtesy, pleasantness, and professionalism it encourages them to keep coming back.

Here are some ways to reward your customer for them to stick with you.

Give exclusive access

Offer your customer early access to your product before it is launched to anyone else. Some organization like Google grant an opportunity for consumers to be in the beta release. Another way to do this is including them on your email list for them to be the first to hear about new products and services. That feeling of being part of something exclusive can build trust and loyalty with them.


Today being internet famous is starting to be a real trend. Being popular is a rewarding feeling for some users. Giving your customer a chance to get recognize would reward them emotionally and it's also a great business model.

Hold special events

Invite your consumers to a special event this would lead to spreading some positive reviews and get the word of mouth out about your organization. You could start a holiday promotion, sales event, or charity drive on your website or mobile application. This strategy can expand your audience for your business.


Human by nature are naturally competitive we like to win and kick butt. Setting-up a friendly competition between customers to drive interaction. Although be wary about competitions that are into popularity contest because sometimes those don’t end well.

Referral bonus

It doesn’t have to be big and expensive you can make a positive impact even with small discounts. Showing users your appreciation would help increase referrals. A referral program can be extensive thus creating a more structured loyalty program. Just be sure you are clear with the rules of the program.


When a user gets to finish something they get a positive emotion. That sense of achievement can be sourced from completing any task like filling up a form or answering a survey. Sending a message saying “congratulations” and “hurray you did it” let users know you recognize the time and effort they spent on your site or app.

Limited Edition

We all love it when we have something that others don’t. It may sound a bit awful but the reality is some organizations release exclusive items like collectors editions merchandise. This is for those customers that invest the most on you and your product. This kind of reward may gain you some long term customers.

By now you must have realized that your customer likes getting free stuff or a little bit of extra like a trial of a premium feature on your app or points they can use when they purchase a product. Growing your user base is extremely vital for a company also don’t forget that this rewards can also make your current customers happy. With these seven ways to reward users, you will be well on your way to success.