iBeacon technology opens up a new world of possibilities for location awareness, and countless opportunities to enhance user experience through interactivity between mobile devices and beacon hardware. Beacons allow your mobile app to see the world around it. By creating your own beacon application you can expand your business and engage potential clients at a new level.

Our team is well prepared to help you create and integrate innovative beacon applications.

Beacons are small wireless devices that broadcast signals to smartphone devices nearby. Mobile applications can receive these signals and trigger a predefined action based on how close it is to the beacon. This technology allows you to create an interactive environment for customers. It can be utilized by every business industry like:

  • Retail
  • Health & Wellness
  • Hotels
  • Museums & Art Galleries
  • Events, Concerts, and Exhibitions
  • Restaurants

Beacon Technology Features

  • Send out push notifications to consumers based on location
  • Analyze user activity and behavior to develop personalized marketing strategies
  • Push out interactive, multimedia content to customers
  • Trigger requests for things like payments

Beacons have a wide range of uses and features. When you work with us, we leverage this technology to help you locate, attract, and retain customers

Ready to use beacons?